Our Story

NCCP began with a drive to improve merchant payment processing, and has blossomed into a growing Business Solutions company - one that continues to evolve to meet the needs of all types of clients. Our philosophy is the same as when we began, the Customer comes first! NCCP offers the latest in secure technologies for mobile payment processing through the most innovative alternative payment products in the industry, along with a suite of services which can be tailored to any business large or small including: Cash Advance, Payroll, HR & other Employee Management tools, Business Tax Credits and Incentives, and of course Merchant Payment Processing – all a part of the NCCP Business Solutions family, plus much more!

Payment Processing Services

As an authority on merchant processing, NCCP understands how to deliver superior customer service and industry-leading products while maintaining competitive rates.

Credit Card

Cash Advance

Offer capital to businesses to expand, advertise, build inventory, or pay expenses. Advances can range from 5K to 500,000K, against future processing receivables to qualified merchants.

Looking on the Web

Web & App Solutions

Drive traffic to your business and website, blast out coupons and promotions quick and easy to new and existing customers, receive Baseline reporting, plus many more features to help your business increase revenue.

Don’t have a website, no problem! We will offer you one, to build your online presence right away.


Employee Management

Payroll/HR Service

Employee Screening & Background Check

Saves the client time and money while hiring employees

Tax Credit & Incentives